Organic Salad & Leafy Greens

Our produce is certified organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture.  The greens are selected for rich flavors, textures, colors, high nutritional content and exceptional quality.  We grow our greens in small batches; in soils we’ve been improving with organic and permaculture methods since 2007.  Our goal is to grow beautiful, great tasting foods that are good medicine for body, heart and soul!



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Cloud Nine Amazing Braising Mix

An ever-changing blend of baby to mid-size leafy greens, shoots and blossoms of over 20 different kinds of plants.  The flavor is bold, the texture is hearty.  Perfect for julienned raw salads dressed with cider vinegar, lemon juice, a little salt, or added to blender meals.  You can also briefly saute these greens with steam, or a little butter, olive oil, or another favorite dressing.  


Seasonal SALAD MIX

Cloud Nine Salad Mix

A dynamic blend of a wide diversity of tender baby salad greens, herbs & edible flowers that is nutrient dense and delicious, and changes with the progress of the seasons.  Enjoy the wide range of flavors, colors and textures...all these variations mean excellent nutritive content.  Your digestive system and liver will be delighted.  It tastes wildly green with elements of bitter, spice and sweetness.



Cloud Nine Farm micro-greens

We grow four different varieties of these tasty and nutritious specialty greens organically year round:

Asian Radish:  a spicy Asian variety of Radish that is especially good complementing Asian-inspired dishes like misos, soups, cold salads and noodles.

Broccoli:  a nutrient dense and flavorful green that is amazing on sandwiches, salads, wraps, on soups.  A customer favorite.

Spicy Mix:  a colorful and beautiful mix of over a dozen different spicy greens varieties that goes well topping grilled meats, or on your vegetable sandwich.

Sunflower:  nutty and rich green flavor, great on tacos, in wraps, or for powering up a salad.


Romaine Hearts

Cloud Nine romaine hearts

We grow heirloom and improved varieties of Romaine Lettuce Hearts in our three season production system.  We select for flavor and vigor in our challenging conditions, while also favoring hardiness and interesting color patterns.  Our lettuce is grown without chemicals, so forgive the occasional presence of small living hitchhikers like slugs or spiders.  We do our best to clean our greens well, but the Romaine Hearts have crevices we can’t always get to with our washing processes. The flavor will make up for this; we hope you’ll agree.


Purchase Our Seed Mixes In Our

Pasture Seed Mixes

Sometime around 2007-2008, Allison was exposed to the work of F. Newman Turner on biodiverse pasture plantings and their contribution to soil and animal health, via articles on his work in Acres USA and through his published writings.  Inspired by his methods, she began experiments with highly diverse and drought tolerant (mostly) perennial pasture seed blends made from many kinds of improved and regionally adapted pasture species, planted in combination with suitable native species.  The result of these trials are unique mixes of cold hardy and drought-tolerant perennial grasses, legumes and forbs that have been combined to create a natural ecosystem-mimicking mix that provides a biodiverse and fertility- building grassland plant community designed to create deep-rooted resilience in management-intensive grazing systems, perennial food forest/orchard understories and long term soil building and water catchment applications. These mixes provides premium forage for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry. Many species are edible and medicinal for people, while providing excellent pollinator habitat and bee forage.




This blend is designed for planting in cool, arid climates where precipitation is low to moderate; but can also perform well in areas with higher annual precipitation or available irrigation.  There are 18 species in this blend, including Orchardgrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Indian Ricegrass, Western Wheatgrass, Snake River Wheatgrass, Red Clover, Ladino Clover, Alfalfa, Sainfoin, Small Burnet, Annual Sunflower, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Blue Flax, Chicory, Yellow Prairie Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Purple Coneflower and Western Yarrow.


For best results, seed in Fall, or very early in Spring, and irrigate to establish. Drill seeding will give superior results to broadcast seeding.  Mowing tall in the first year after growth has passed 6-8” will inhibit weeds, allowing the mix to dominate. Controlled grazing can achieve the same results as mowing if animals are not allowed to eat down past the first 4-6” of growth.  Allow to establish for a full growing season and until peak growth in the second growing season before grazing, for best results.   Sow 1# of seed per 50’ x 50’, 20# per acre. There are no GMO seeds in our blends.